reddit profile: Andrew is a boy into music and goes under the name "FreakyCherub" He keeps saying his h a w t new album will drop but never says anything else about it. He is also part of the population that got stuck in summer back in ----.

The Summer of ---- and its effects Edit

Andrew suffers from the effects of it including but not limited to

- Feeling depressed

- A shorter lifespan

- Loss of friends

- June confusion

Everyone who is stuck in summer will only exist in summer outside of summer they don't exist. Everyone outside summer knows that they have disappeared when the summer people aren't there. They only exist in the summer months and on midnight of the last day of summer if you look away they just straight up disappear same goes for midnight on the first day of summer all of the sudden p o o f they're back.

As of right now no one knows how this happened or how to stop it

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