Humans have absorbed remnant of the being. Shards. Many humans have weak shards but active ones cause the beings to hunt the humans. The goal is to merge with them. Fuse  to create a greater shard. This shard will look like a human mixed with the being. Then they will hunt for more shards in humans. When a second human is merged the being will look like the fallen god. But weaker. A god to us yet still not perfect.

However with any mighty entity there are to be beings that will go against it in every way possible. There are thousands of beings that exist beyond our dimension which lay dormant, however, when the Humans mixed with their hunters (now known as Alistraners) it awakens the beings and one or multiple will hunt the Alistraner in an attempt to consume them and absorb the shard in an effort to stop the god (now known as the Phoher) and to let the chaos of the universe play itself out properly.

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