"this movie is a pile of suck created by the lowest of the low. Edd wood would be rolling in his grave right now"
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Backstory Edit

Raised by his mother and father in Ohio, Chaz took the routes in life anyone would to be safe. He got B's in school to achieve a 2 year degree in journalism. He currently lives in a small apartment in Ohio.

Chaz is the definition of normal besides the fact that when he was born he would radiate a cosmic energy no human being could ever detect. However. The hell hounds have smelt it. And are currently on the hunt for him and anyone else who radiates the same kind of energy. 

He was born to a family with three children. With Chaz being the only one who truly excreted the Eldritch energy. No real reason can explain it. And no source of this can be detective. Chaz is one of many however the hounds want him first due to convince. 

Chaz and Cornelius, A monster hunting Duo Edit

While looking on an online form for some kind of answer for the beasts that track Chaz and that have been tracking him his whole life, he got a message from someone under an anonymous username. they slowly started talking more after this online person gave Chaz the information about the Hell hounds more in depth and became very close friends and learned this online source of information was a young man named Cornelius. After months of talking over phone and online forms, Chaz and Cornelius set out to meet one another in person. When the two did meet Chaz was overjoyed to see his friend in person, both meeting in an airport in ohio so the two could be closer and share their love for the spooky stuff they love and what brought them together.

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