"Not gonna lie, you look like a little bitch when you fight."
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Backstory Edit

Cornelius was found in the shadows of a forest by their first adoptive family. They were found by their ‘mother’ in their human form but quickly the mother hated them after taking them in. they were forced to live in the walls and were beaten and abused constantly. They weren't really fed or cared for properly and learned what Trama was along with hate and anger. At the human age of 12 they clawed their way out of the wall and ran out into the night to find a new place to stay, that is when they found Nona (real name Chandra). Nona took them in and Cornelius told Nona their whole story about who they really are, but she took them in none the less.

They learned how to use gun combat after Nona’s ex husband (Namar) came by to meet Cornelius. He taught them to defend themselves without their abilities. They learned quickly like normal. After they turned 18 in human years they left Nona’s home to explore the world but was always welcome to go back. From then on they have been killing monsters and trying to explore more.

Cornelius and Chaz, A monster hunting Duo Edit

After looking on online forms for a while, Cornelius saw someone online who posted about strange beings and being hunted by hell hounds. Cornelius jumped on the opportunity to message this person and help them but without known they became very good friends

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