The Engravement Mythos
 In the beginning there existed a being of unknown name. It was large. Vast. It's body made up the night of pure darkness. A black tar that coated everything. It's head was that of a raven skull and it's arms many and long which stretched for eons. It existed alone. In the emptiness until one day. It wanted to make. So. From it's stomach it released magma which cooled in the presence of his cold body creating the first planet. Soon the planet needed light so it cut a hole into it's stomach and pulled forth it's heart. A ball of gas and fire. It set the ball next to it's creation and waited. It cried after 4 eons of nothing and that water gave life to the rock which had taken its heart. And it saw. Plants rise and grow and twist. Seas bubble and spurt with leftover magma. And it watched as man took form from his tar which he dripped from his body. However. Man was alone. So. From his body he removed one of his many fingers and dropped it to earth. Creating a companion. Then. They grew greedy. Killing. Fighting. As generations waged on of war he wept. Bringing forth a mighty flood. Some humans survived. Many perished. And so the creature. Heart broken. Began to die from his heart break. But before he did he swallowed the Earth and sun back into his mass. And this resulted in till the magma in him to combust. Turning his body to star stuff. The big bang. Now. Our world is full of odd. Interesting things. Remnants of a being pass. Cryptids of black skin and red eye much like their creator. Creatures called architect, fear, and unknown. Beings that are the true shards of the creator. The strongest of all being Old Shuck. The hellhounds who are all part of the being. Who one day will take arms with their Brothers, Sisters and all others to reclaim and remake the world of their own image.  

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