“I swear to fucking Gonna if you say magic isn’t real one more time I’ll take your third eye and shove it up your ass."

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James is a young teen who was branded by a creature and destined to protect the human race from evil.

He keeps to himself most time, people would describe him as a self centered jerk with a good heart. He is Asexual and has a very soft spot for babies and cats, yet he does like swearing in every sentence no matter his mood.

The marking of James Edit

As a child, James was marked by a being, the meaning of being marked can vary between beings. An example would be being marked by the Black Shuck could turn you into meat overtime by having your bones melt then your flesh melt off. No one is sure what James is marked by but it is a worrying thing for the crew and James' family.

James and the crew of monster hunters Edit

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